The Time I Peed My Pants
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The Time I Peed My Pants

The Time I Peed My Pants

We’ve all done it. The dreaded peeing in the pants and being that little bit too old to really get away with it. I would like to preface this story by saying I have never peed my pants or wet the bed as an adult, not even drunk. Points for me :) *Sometimes* I get a little too excited, jump up and down or have been hit SO HARD playing derby that a little pee has been known to escape, but never a full blown accident.

Photo by Mark Nockleby

Congrats It’s a Girl … 14 of Them (Becoming a Derby Coach)

I left my derby league at the end of the 2011 season and was pretty over it. If it was possible to love something too much, I had. I like to use the term “I squeezed the puppy too tight.” I think it paints the picture I’m trying to convey. I was burnout and pissed off. I was not sure if I would ever return. After taking the year and slowing my life WAY down I was able to reflect on my time in derby. Why was I so mad at it? The truth of the matter is I was mad at myself. I had taken on way too much for too long and I had let certain “mean girl” personalities really get into my psyche and infiltrate my day-to-day thinking and made me second guess my abilities. I became passive for the sake of not wanting to make waves in the group and had internalized and bottled up too many feelings for too long. I saw my opportunity to leave and I did not hesitate.

As I have mentioned in other posts, I was roped into help with announcing last year and found it was just enough of a hook to leave me wanting more. The time commitment was minimal (which, at that point I really liked). My co-announcers are probably two of the most entertaining and fun people to be around and I was enjoying getting to see games and still feel like I was contributing to the overall bout-mosphere. That was the key.

I was approached about returning this season as coach for Santa Cruz’s B team the Harbor Hellcats by a few skaters. At first I was like “Hellz No. I’m done.” I started to think more and more about it and I could feel my bruised and scabbed derby heart beginning to heal. This was a way for me to integrate back into the league, be used and appreciated for my knowledge and experiences and feel like I was contributing to the skating (which is my first love).


That’s so Gay! Isn’t it Great?

I’m not gay. No shocker there . . . I do consider myself part of the Gay community due to the fact that my Dad is gay. Yes, my parents were married (that is always the first question out of everyone’s mouth). I have know about my father’s sexuality since I was about 12. My parent’s closest friends when I was kid were Joy and Krissy. It took me until about 10 or 11 to realize they were not just living together Kate and Allie style. Gay has always been a normal part of life for me, but not so much for TV and mainstream media. When gay and queer characters and situations were portrayed on TV it was super rare and often with a whole lot of drama (sometimes good, a lot of times bad).

2012: A Year of Finding Balance

I can’t believe it is New Years Eve once again. I remember when I was a tween I used to put on a different outfit or costume for my mom every hour and she would proudly applaud and offer commentary. These are probably my fondest memories of NYE.

Last year Oliver and I celebrated at the Crepe Place (the restaurant we got married at). It was so much fun and we got to bring in the new year with some of my favorite people. I think we inadvertently started a Carter tradition. Tonight I will be at the Crepe, donning an abundance of sparkles and sequins, hanging on the arm of my handsome husband as we bring in our 10th NYE together.

Jennifer Lawrence

A Heavy Issue … Weight

Wow. Where to start? I sorta feel like I have been mulling over ideas and my views on weight and mainstream society since I was about 15 years old and first realized I was not shaped like the women on TV and magazines. I recently read a post about Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence speaking openly about Hollywood’s fucked up weight standards and how she was not going to play ball. And why should she? She has an amazing body and is a great actress attached to an awesome franchise. She happens to not be a size 3, so bloggers have harshly criticized her body. Gotta love the internet.


Facebook – Welcome Back Evie

I deactivated my Facebook account last December. I was going through some really deep emotional shit and needed to disconnect. Unlike 99% of people on Facebook I like to keep my private life private when it comes to the interwebs. I also am deeply irritated when people use Facebook as a means to vent and overshare. Sure I love seeing pictures of your kids covered in ice cream or something cute your cat did. I enjoy “Liking” your funny comments and reading your poignant posts, but for me that is about it.


A Personal Story: My Sister’s Health and My Parent’s House

In an all too familiar American tale my parents recently had to foreclose on their house. They bought the house on Oro street in Redding, California in 1995. We moved in the middle of my freshman year of high school. We had previously been living on the other side of town in a rental house. We had pretty much lived in rentals most of my life. The rental we moved from was actually the first house I remember living in. We had always lived in apartments.

San Diego at sunset

Summer Comes to a Close

I was sitting at my desk yesterday feeling like I was tying up a bunch of loose ends. Making plans with friends I have not seen in a few months and generally just catching up on life. Suddenly it dawned on me that Summer is coming to an end and although I have not been in school for a long time I’m still feeling that bittersweet end of Summer feeling. As a kid I would count down the weeks before school started again, dreading the arrival of August (that would always go by way too quick). Only the promise of a fresh start and new school clothes would transform my dread into uncontainable excitement.


OMFG! Mad Men – WHOA?!


Did that just happen? Joan sleeps her way to a partnership. Peggy leaves. O.M.G.

What really got the engine started in this week’s episode was an ultimately degrading moment where Don throws money in Peggy’s face. Peggy was asked to sit in on a conference call with Chevalier Blanc due to Ginsberg being tied up with Jaguar. Chevalier Blanc was looking to pull their recent campaign and on the spot Peggy comes up with a slightly altered, brilliant idea and saves the day. When Ken, Harry and Peggy tell Don the good news, Don says something about Ginsberg being the one that gets to go to Paris to see the shoot through. Peggy speaks up, noting that it was her idea and Don literally throws money in her face while yelling at her – perhaps this was the degrading moment that broke the camel’s back

ron_burgundy copy

Happy Monday! Anchorman 2 Teaser!

It’s not news that Mondays generally suck, but here is a little slice of heaven to get you through. I’m so excited for this movie to out. Anchorman: the Legend of Ron Burgundy was THE best movie to hit in 2004 – hands down. Never have so many quotable one-liners come from one flick.

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